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High Endurance SC

High Endurance Scooter Club is a group of people dedicated to the riding, restoration and customization of classic scooters. Vespas, Lambrettas, or whatever. We love the scooter life. We are also a group of friends. That is the most important part. I know the question you want to ask. The answer is yes... our club is named after a deodorant. Why, you ask? It's simple really. All of the original members use it (it's good stuff.) It does hold a bit of a deeper meaning. Everyone knows it takes "high endurance" to own and ride scooters.

The club was founded in 1998. I had only been in Florida a short time but it didn't take long to find the scooter people. There was only a handful of us in the beginning, hanging out, riding and the like. We knew we wanted to take things a step further.

I guess the first thing you do is find a name. We first went under the name "Two Stroke Fury." We're not exactly sure why. Just under a year we decided to change the name to our first choice...High Endurance S.C. We think it fits us a little better. It's kind of a joke. We want to make sure we never take ourselves too seriously. How can you name yourself after something people rub on their armpits. We are a fun loving bunch of jacknuts who love to ride. There are three great things about Florida. The first being the weather. It's easy to ride all year when its warm almost all the time. Another is being close to Disney. Not for the park itself but for the people it brings here. We have had the chance to meet scooterist from all over the world. Most noteably our friends Gordy from Gorehounds SC (Glasgow, Scotland), Darren and Janet Preston Wildcats SC (Preston, England) and Davey and Lynn from Edinburg Blues SC (Edinburg, Scotland.) We invite anyone coming here to give us a shout.

Bike Week is next. We have one of the biggest biker parties in the world right in our backyard. How cool is that. We hold our rally every year during this time. It is a freakin blast. Going out to the biker bars, and riding down Main Street is the best on a scooter.

All in all, this club is about scooters and the scooter lifestyle. We look out for each other and ride. If you are interested in scoots, want to join, or are coming to Orlando give us a ring.


Thanks to we have two movies that were recorded at our most recent gathering. For an online profile of our club view these two movies:

HESC Rally Video
HESC Photo Shoot

More links to HESC online: